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Thursday, 1 June 2017


Free and Best SEO Top 10 tools list free PDF

best seo tools
Search Engine Optimization is becoming really really serious thing nowadays. In this case you need to have very deep knowledge in order to work properly for your business or for your own websites. Here is a lot of knowledge about SEO in Urdu we have already talked about and share on this blog. Now this is time to let you know about some important search engine optimization tools, because the tools are now necessary for SEO optimizers. And by using this useful set of important and free SEO research tools you can find all information about of your websites/blogs such as errors, positional, goods bad and crucial potential of your any websites or blogs you want to rank. In this tutorial post I will share top 10 best important free Search engine optimization tools and SEO softwares. 

Best SEO Top 10 tools:

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Serpbook.com
  3. Google Webmaster tools
  4. Moonsy.com
  5. Alexa.com
  6. ahrefs.com
  7. Majestic.com
  8. Woorank.com
  9. Deadlinkchecker.com
  10. Smallseotools.com

See Also:

And now I will share here the list of the following issues tools will be find out:

  • Finding the Broken/Dead link in a website
  • All about the ranking of a website
  • Knowing about backlinks of a website
  • Finding the server errors
  • Finding the duplicates content problems
  • Website Domain Authority
  • Website Link popularity
  • Website Page Authority
  • Who is Competitors of a website
  • Age of Domain Name
  • Density of keywords in your content
  • Backlinks Checkers
  • Copyright and duplicate content checker
  • Many more
So tools for the above problems to know are included in the list. But this list is just an example there are a lot of more tools there are in my top 10 SEO tools list. So first of all just learn more about these tools in the below tutorial in Urdu for your understanding, because there a lot of peoples who can’t learn more about these tools so in this case I just write some about these Search engine optimization tools in Urdu tutorial.

best seo tools
best seo tools
best seo tools
best seo tools
best seo tools
best seo tools
best seo tools
best seo tools

Now first of all I want to explain a little bit these tools here and what the functions of these tools and what can you do with these tools.

Google Keyword Planner

This keyword planner tool is basically a tool from Google Adword Program which is basically for Google advertisers. And we publishers can also use this tool. This tool is so good for finding the most best keyword for your website/blog.


This tool is also good in case of keywords problem, because this tool is give some info about of our keywords. Basically this is tool to trace our keyword and give us the overall progress of our keyword such as position and ranking of our keyword.
Note: This tool is a premium tool it’s not free. You just need to pay 4$ dollars to use this tool, but there is also some functions which you can use as a free tool.

Google Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster tool is a good tool for any Website/blog, because this tool gives you all A to Z information about of your site/blog. By using this tool you can find of your website outside link and internal links and indexing of your site sub links or post links in search engine Google and lot’s of more information.


This tool is all in one by using this tool you can find lots of services from one tool. Such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, Link Authority and lot’s of more info giving you.


Alexa is a really great company in this field that gives the rank on the base of website traffic. This tool have also some free and some paid services that you can use for you company or client.


This tool gives you all about of your website/blog backlinks and also about Root Domain and many more.


This tool is also an old tool for SEO optimizers, which old name is magesticseo.com is used for find out the backlinks of website.


Woorank is a good tool for knowing about A to Z information of a website related to SEO, and gives you lot’s of more details also about of a site on Social media and mobile ranking of a site.


Deadlink checker is a simple Search engine optimization tool is used for to find out the broken and dead link of a website to remove it, because this is not good for SEO.


This is the last one tool but this is not a tool, because this is a group of many tools of Search engine optimization and the second point in this tool this is a free tool.
The above is the list and some details of any tool, I hope you will enjoy to use these tools for your Search engine Optimization company , clients and other business.

Download free SEO Tools List Book PDF in Urdu

This book is a gift from www.jawadsaqib.com for you , it's a free SEO book in Urdu for you just click the below download button and save the full PDF book in your PC or Phone and read it anywhere any time offline.
SEO tools list download free pdf book

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Saturday, 18 February 2017

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How to make money online as a freelancer job in Urdu tutorial

Freelancing in Urdu

How to make money freelancing in urdu

Nowadays the progress of Online freelancer is going to top point, and many peoples such as Businessmen and also a common person want to do his/her work on time, So for this purpose, everybody attends to the Internet world. Because on the Internet you can do your work more easily, awesome, professional and more fast, So increasing in this online working is the biggest reason of increasing in Online Freelancers and now every Boss and client did his/her work online. In this tutorial, we will talk about this topic and also you will learn some tips to become a Professional freelancer. This tutorial will be in Urdu and we will also share here some top and best freelancing sites. I will share here 5 best and top freelance websites with you. There are many freelancing companies but, I will share best, trusted and top freelance sites. Do you know? Freelancing is the fastest way of online making money. You can also earn money online from many sites and websites, Like you can make money online fast as a Blogger & Vlogger, also can earn a lot of from Marketing, Web designing, Web development and many from other ways. But my favorite and the best way ever is freelancing. Because the earning of other ways of making money online is not stable. But the earning of a freelancer is always stable and can earn more as a freelancer than any other online worker. So that's why in online any business I like only freelancing and freelancing.

Best freelance website

So here is some top and best websites of freelancing for you, where you can earn a lot of money as a freelancer. The following list is some best and top sites ever for the freelancers in 2017.
  1. Fiverr.Com
  2. Upwork.Com
  3. freelancer.com
  4. 99designs.Com
  5. Toptal.Com
You can create your account here in any on the above website and can start making a huge cash from freelancing, In the below Urdu freelancing tutorial, I tells about these freelancing companies and if after this you have also a problem in the choosing of the best freelance website, Then you simply researched about this site on Google and can find thousands of tutorials about these above sites. After completing the below freelancer job in Urdu tutorial you can download also a free Ebook at the end of this post. I hope you will like my this Urdu tutorial about freelancing so let's read the following full tutorial of freelancer job in Urdu and about these top and best sites of freelancer in Urdu.

Freelancer Job in Urdu tutorial

freelancer job in urdu tutorial
freelancer job in urdu tutorial
freelancer job in urdu tutorial
freelancer job in urdu tutorial
freelancer job in urdu tutorial
freelancer job in urdu tutorial
freelancer job in urdu tutorial
freelancer job in urdu tutorial
freelancer job in urdu tutorial
freelancer job in urdu tutorial
freelancer job in urdu tutorial
freelancer job in urdu tutorial
freelancer job in urdu tutorial
freelancer job in urdu tutorial

Download free Freelancer tutorial eBook in Urdu PDF

I hope now you have read the above Urdu tutorial of Freelancing job online course, Now I will give you a free eBook about freelancing tips in Urdu PDF version. So you can download the book by simply clicking on the below Download button and then enjoy happy Earning.

download freelancer tips tutorial in urdu pdf

For more any queries issues or asking any question related to this post you most well come,
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Monday, 13 February 2017


SEO Tutorial in Urdu with a Free Search Engine Optimization PDF

Seo tutorial in Urdu

seo in tutorial urdu

Hello friends, today I'm going to teach you Seo training in Urdu. In this tutorial, we are going to learn all not but off course some about SEO. In this SEO learning course, we'll understand some SEO basics in Urdu and also we will learn some SEO techniques in Urdu. In the first section of this Urdu tutorial, I have explained all about Search Engine Optimization and What is SEO? and in the next section, I have defined basics of Search Engine Optimization. In the third section, I've explained types and parts of SEO and there are two sub-sections of the third section, In which I have told the parts and types of SEO. In the first sub-section of the third section. I have explained the first type of Search Engine Optimization which is Internal SEO and in the next sub-section explained about external SEO. After types and parts of Search engine optimization, I've also told about best site submitting software's which is in the fourth section of this tutorial. I have also given best tips for increasing traffic by Social Networks, Youtube and by many other tips in this tutorial. In this course, we have also defined about SMS marketing and Email marketing and also some SEO good gadgets for your WordPress, Blogger and custom websites & blogs and in last sections I have give some info about RSS and Feedburner that how it's work with Search Engine Optimization. In the ending of this course, I have given all the concept about this tutorial of Search engine Optimization in an Urdu PDF Book file which you can download at the end of this tutorial So this PDF book will be which you can download at last of this course in Search engine Optimization PDF section.

These the following topics and SEO concepts which are explained in this tutorial in Urdu

  • What is SEO?
  • Types and Parts of Search Engine Optimization
  • Internal SEO
  • External SEO
  • Submitting Site to Search Engines
  • Backlinks
  • How to get quality backlinks
  • Tips Increasing for traffic
  • SEO with Youtube
  • Social Networks in Search Engine Optimization
  • Advertise your site
  • SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • FeedBurner
  • RSS
  • Best SEO Gadgets for your site
  • Free Urdu Search engine optimization PDF book
Also, check it out:

So these are the main topics of our this Search Engine Optimization course which we will be discussing in the next sections in Urdu. So let's begin to the side of our search engine optimization course. You can read this SEO course here in Urdu and also you can download this in a PDF Urdu book file below at the end of this post.
Let's begin:

SEO training Course in Urdu

seo training in urdu
seo training in urdu
seo training in urdu
seo training in urdu
seo training in urdu
seo training in urdu
seo training in urdu
seo training in urdu
seo training in urdu
seo training in urdu
seo training in urdu
seo training in urdu
seo training in urdu
seo training in urdu

I hope you have read this all tutorial in Urdu and I hope you have liked. Now you can also download this all course in a free PDF book file in Urdu.

Search Engine Optimization PDF

download seo in urdu pdf

If you have any problem in the downloading of this pdf book you can contact us or you can simply comment below. I hope you will enjoy this PDF for more free PDF and tutorial stay tuned with us Thanks.
Muhammad Jawad Saqib.
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Thursday, 9 February 2017

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How to make money online by AdSense in Urdu with free PDF

Making money on Internet Or Earn money online in Urdu

earn money online AdSense

Nowadays, the Internet becomes most popular day by day. Many people's convert their shop, market and home business to an online business and now every person want to convert their business to an online platform, So, for this reason, everyone wants to know about this strategy, for this reason, today I'm going to start this tutorial in Urdu about "How to make money online" and in this tutorial we'll learn about this topic and the main topic is AdSense. So in this, we are going to learn all about Google AdSense in Urdu in next section we'll learn about: What is Adsense and How it's work? So let's go ahead.

What is AdSense and how it's work full brief in Urdu

How AdSense Work?

AdSense? In some a few words, we can simply define, "Google AdSense is an advertisement service by Google that allows the Google AdSense Publisher to earn some handsome dollars by putting the google network of content sites ads".

Now how it's work?

Google AdSense work with two factors which are EPC and CPC which stand for "Earn Per Click" and "Cost Per Click", it is mean AdSense give you earning on your per click and also give you earning on your cost of per click. In EPC Google AdSense give you money on every click and in CPC AdSense give you money in the rate of cost per click. For example, if the cost of your click is 0.5$ and in this time you received a click then your earning will be 0.5$ if you've received only one click and if you have received two clicks than multiplying the clicks with your CPC, in this case, our CPC is 0.5$ so now in this time we multiply the clicks with 0.5. So, in this case, our earning will be 1$ for two clicks. the simple formula of finding your estimated earning by CPC as:

Total Earning = Click*CPC

So after this, I hope your some concept is cleared about CPC and how Adsense Works!
For more, we will discuss this in Urdu let's check the below Urdu Tutorial pictures about AdSense.

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Earn and make money online by Google AdSense

blogging vs vlogging youtube adsense

There are two ways of making money from Google AdSense. Which is following:
  1. Making money with AdSense by Blogging
  2. Making money with AdSense by Youtube or Vlogging
So let's discuss this two ways of earning money from AdSense.

Make money with AdSense by Blogging

The first and most popular way of earning money from Google AdSense is blogging, what is blogging? Blogging is a process in which we create a blog or website and update our this blog or website on the daily and weekly basis this called blogging. Now how can we earn from blogging using AdSense? If you have a blog or website and have a good traffic on your website or blog than apply for a Google AdSense account and earn a huge cash from Google AdSense by simply putting the ads unit on your blog/website.
For more check the below Urdu Article in Pictures.

Make money on Youtube AdSense

This is the second way of earning some money from AdSense using Google ads. Blogging is not only the way of making money from AdSense, there are lot's of ways but in this post, we discuss only these two ways which are blogging and the second one is Vlogging mean video logging. In Vlogging you will upload your own videos on youtube, and if you want to earn some money from this video then you'll simply link your AdSense account with your Youtube Channel after linking the ads will be shown in your video and you will be able to earn money from your video through AdSense.
Also Check it our: SEO Tutorial In Urdu With A Free Search Engine Optimization PDF

So I think this is enough for more check the below some information about Online Earning and some about Google AdSense in Urdu.

google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu
google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu
google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu
google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu
google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu
google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu
google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu

Download this Free AdSense PDF Book in Urdu:

adsense in urdu free pdf book

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