Friday, 3 February 2017

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How to Design Urdu Poetry Wallpaper Pictures

Dear Friends, Well Come to www.JawadSaqib.Com. In this tutorial we'll learn how can we design and write Urdu Poetry on any Picture, Image, Photo etc and make it a beautiful wallpaper. In this video tutorial we'll design a very simple Picture in Inpage and PhotoShop which is given below:

Design Urdu Poetry
Designed Urdu Poetry Picture

How to Design Poetry In PhotoShop and Inpage

So this is the Urdu Poetry Picture which we'll now design in this tutorial, Before starting this tutorial video you must know about Inpage and PhotoShop, Because we use Inpage and PhotoShop in this tutorial video. In this video tutorial we will write Urdu Poetry in Inpage and then save this Poetry in Encapsulated Post Script File by clicking the Export Page Option in Inpage in the Menu Bar and after saving this file in Encapsulated Post Script File we need to open PhotoShop and simply open this Encapsulated Post Script File in PhotoShop, after doing this process than we'll easily control this Urdu Fonts in Photoshop and can easily write and Edit this Urdu Poetry Fonts in Photoshop and can decorate this Urdu Poetry in Photoshop Very Nicely and beautifully and after this we can write this poetry on any picture that we want.

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For more Watch the Below Video Tutorial of Photoshop and Inpage that how can we design this Urdu Poetry Picture Wallpaper in PhotoShop.

I hope after watching this full tutorial video you'll be able to design your own Urdu Poetry Pictures Photos in Photoshop.

Why we Design Urdu Poetry Pictures
So now Our Question is why we design Urdu Poetry / Shayari Pictures, so the answer is very simple there are many bloggers who created Urdu Poetry and Shayari Blogs and they want to have a lot of Urdu Poetry Pictures and also this is the main reason to design Urdu Poetry Pictures. If you can design your own Urdu Poetry Pictures then you can create your own Blog or website and upload this all pictures to your website or blog and can share this pictures with Million of Peoples and also you can Earn money by designing Poetry Pictures. So I think this is enough about Urdu Poetry Shayari Pictures Importance on Internet. So stay tuned.

Thanks for learning with Us.
Muhammad Jawad Saqib


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