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How to make money online by AdSense in Urdu with free PDF

Making money on Internet Or Earn money online in Urdu

earn money online AdSense

Nowadays, the Internet becomes most popular day by day. Many people's convert their shop, market and home business to an online business and now every person want to convert their business to an online platform, So, for this reason, everyone wants to know about this strategy, for this reason, today I'm going to start this tutorial in Urdu about "How to make money online" and in this tutorial we'll learn about this topic and the main topic is AdSense. So in this, we are going to learn all about Google AdSense in Urdu in next section we'll learn about: What is Adsense and How it's work? So let's go ahead.

What is AdSense and how it's work full brief in Urdu

How AdSense Work?

AdSense? In some a few words, we can simply define, "Google AdSense is an advertisement service by Google that allows the Google AdSense Publisher to earn some handsome dollars by putting the google network of content sites ads".

Now how it's work?

Google AdSense work with two factors which are EPC and CPC which stand for "Earn Per Click" and "Cost Per Click", it is mean AdSense give you earning on your per click and also give you earning on your cost of per click. In EPC Google AdSense give you money on every click and in CPC AdSense give you money in the rate of cost per click. For example, if the cost of your click is 0.5$ and in this time you received a click then your earning will be 0.5$ if you've received only one click and if you have received two clicks than multiplying the clicks with your CPC, in this case, our CPC is 0.5$ so now in this time we multiply the clicks with 0.5. So, in this case, our earning will be 1$ for two clicks. the simple formula of finding your estimated earning by CPC as:

Total Earning = Click*CPC

So after this, I hope your some concept is cleared about CPC and how Adsense Works!
For more, we will discuss this in Urdu let's check the below Urdu Tutorial pictures about AdSense.

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Earn and make money online by Google AdSense

blogging vs vlogging youtube adsense

There are two ways of making money from Google AdSense. Which is following:
  1. Making money with AdSense by Blogging
  2. Making money with AdSense by Youtube or Vlogging
So let's discuss this two ways of earning money from AdSense.

Make money with AdSense by Blogging

The first and most popular way of earning money from Google AdSense is blogging, what is blogging? Blogging is a process in which we create a blog or website and update our this blog or website on the daily and weekly basis this called blogging. Now how can we earn from blogging using AdSense? If you have a blog or website and have a good traffic on your website or blog than apply for a Google AdSense account and earn a huge cash from Google AdSense by simply putting the ads unit on your blog/website.
For more check the below Urdu Article in Pictures.

Make money on Youtube AdSense

This is the second way of earning some money from AdSense using Google ads. Blogging is not only the way of making money from AdSense, there are lot's of ways but in this post, we discuss only these two ways which are blogging and the second one is Vlogging mean video logging. In Vlogging you will upload your own videos on youtube, and if you want to earn some money from this video then you'll simply link your AdSense account with your Youtube Channel after linking the ads will be shown in your video and you will be able to earn money from your video through AdSense.
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So I think this is enough for more check the below some information about Online Earning and some about Google AdSense in Urdu.

google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu
google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu
google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu
google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu
google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu
google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu
google adsense online earning tutorial in urdu

Download this Free AdSense PDF Book in Urdu:

adsense in urdu free pdf book

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